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Vision of Haneda

Vision of Haneda

The future of new airport management

Now, the airline industry is in a big turning point.
An empty market is released by open skies (aviation liberalization), and the wave of new entry is rolling in exceeding nationality and a type of industry.
Moreover, the price decline of airline has been progressing because of going into of LCC, and while the choices and convenience for users are increasing, the intensity of competition among airline companies has increased.
Furthermore, the argument for the movement of unification of national management airport (terminal building and runway) is accelerating, and the business conditions that surround Haneda Airport are also greatly changing.

The own demand creation of airport

Haneda Airport has a domestic hub function which 64 million people use every year, and is playing the role as an important point of traffic of humans from in and outside the country as the door of the metropolitan area.
Moreover, as an international airport, You cannot find anything such Haneda's traffic accessibility from large cities in anyplace in the world, this airport more than capable of provide its speediness.
Taking advantage of the prerogative of Haneda Airport, it is necessary to change a mid- and long-term growth potential into a big business opportunity, an promote the innovative airport management which aimed at own demand creation by the airport.
In the past, our management style was to provide several services such as product sales and drinking and eating when passenger uses airline, but we think we should enhance the value of the airport, reveal a synergistic effect on existing business.
"University Hub Haneda Airport" is one of this project. In addition to a traffic hub, we make "intellectual hub" in Haneda that aimed at the base of knowledge.

Vision of Haneda


Economic conditions of Japan are getting low and it is also mentioned that the human resources like company expects are not growing is one of the factor.
The people possess the quality of respond flexibly at the global business filed and hold spirits of challenge are indispensable in future Japanese economy.
The number of students who go to study abroad is decreasing and Galapagosization is processing. on the other hand, it argues about the autumnal admission of universities and higher education in Japan responds gradually globalization, the platform is needed which supports the issues in the process of the glovaliztion of institutions of higher education and universities. As the function to cultivate human resources corresponding globalization and support institutions of higher education, it is the most appropriate place to promote the globalization project of high education in Haneda airport that gathers people, goods, and information in and outside form Japan, and very accessible from large cities. The international culture university chairman of the board of directors and a president, Mr. Mineo Nakajima, will be made the chairman of a UHHA executive committee, and we will build the UHHA platform that promotes globalization of high education.

We will materialize the recheck of the existing business and a future business towards construction of "the future of new airport management" of Haneda Airport.