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notice for the accession

notice for the accession

Initiated by the private sector and situated in the terminal building of Haneda Airport, UHHA aims to establish an Open Platform in order to promote globalization among Japanese higher education institutions as well as to nurture human resources who can lead the world. Although the current economic condition of Japan was caused mainly by external factors, it can also be said that a downturn in talented youth, who companies expect did not grow to their utmost potential, was also a contributing factor. It is imperative to not only cultivate and support talented young people, but to also develop youth who are progressive and can respond flexibly, as they will be the leaders of corporate Japan in the future. UHHA will cultivate human resources who will not only work on a global scale, but will also globalize higher education at the same time.

Your affiliation with UHHA will be a driving force behind the progression of the UHHA project. We welcome affiliations with educational facilities, universities, and companies which support the purpose of our UHHA project.

Notification of Membership

We are currently responding individually to organizations interested in affiliating with UHHA. Please direct all inquiries to the UHHA executive office.
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